Meet xx


xxwas fortunate enough to have been trained with Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad company whilst working his way up the corporate ladder. He went on to become the head of digital marketing selling well known brands including Chanel, Gucci, Prada and was able to double his companies sales three years running.

The turning point came when he had helped his boss buy a Porsche yet he was still an employee. It was then he decided to build his own business. He now helps other people who also want to leave the 9-5 way of life and own their own business.

Likes: Being a minimalist.
Dis-likes: Wasting time, energy, money or anything really.
Favourite Quote: The secret to success is getting a little bit better everyday and never quit.
Best Advice: Do not let fear stop you getting started. We all start from the same place, knowing nothing and having nothing.

Meet xx

Having being fortunate to have been trained by the Rich Dad Business Coaching program, Edward knew exactly why network marketing was the business of the 21st century and where he should be focusing his time and energy.

xxis the latest member to the HQ team and came from a sales background, both front of house and tele-sales for some of the world’s largest companies including Burton’s & MCI Worldcom.

Likes: Helping others achieve.
Dislikes: Dishonesty and Negativity.
Favourite Quote: It’s easy to stand on the sideline and criticise. The sideline is crowded, get in to the game.
Best Advice: It is never too late to change. Make a commitment to change your life today, one step at a time, build your team and own your life.

How To Take The First Step

If you would like help making the transition from the 9-5 way of life to starting your own successful business then we would love to hear from you and help. However just note, unfortunately unlike most companies we do not work with everyone who gets in contact, only those we feel would be a good fit for our team. Simply click the box below to get started.

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