John C Maxwell Leadership for MLM Network Marketers

John C Maxwell Leadership for MLM Network MarketersIf you would like to learn how to quickly improve your leadership skills then this post is for you.

John C Maxwell is best known for being one of the top people in the world on leadership and has now trained millions of people all around the world.

In this post you are going to learn the 5 steps to becoming a great leader. However first you are going to learn a principle called The Law of 5. This is how you can become an expert at any skill.

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The Law of 5

One of John’s principles that he lives by every single day is called the law of 5. Imagine there was a big tree in your back garden that you want to chop down and conquer.

It would be too difficult to try and cut it down in one go right? The key is to keep chipping away at it every single day until the tree fell. 5 chops per day. This is the law of 5.

This would be a case of going outside every single day and giving it 5 chops of your axe.

Now this might not seem a lot at first but if you keep doing this consistently and going out and giving it five chops every single day then no matter how big the tree, it is only a matter of time until the tree falls.

This is the same for learning and mastering any skill. It can be daunting at first but if you just keep chipping away and getting a little bit better every single day it is only a matter of time until you succeed.


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Below are now the five key steps to becoming a great leader. Leadership is one of the most important skills in business today. If you want to build a successful business then you are going to need to get good at leadership and the great news is that great leaders are made and not born.

5 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader

1. Lead Yourself First

The very first step to effective leadership is to lead yourself first. It all starts with you. The first person to learn leadership skills is you. You must become a great leader first. Ask yourself, would you follow you as you are right now? Until you become a person worth following you are not going to get any followers. It really is that simple. Remember This: Success is not something you pursue. Success is attracted to you by the person you become.

2. Add Value To People Everyday

One of the best business principles in the world is the fact that if you help other people get what they want, then you will get what you want. It is just the way it works. You have to give in order to get. To build a fire you have to put the wood on first and nurture it before you get flames. Ask yourself the question, how can I add massive value to someone today? However remember, in order to add massive value you must first value people. Money follows value. You can’t just make money because money is a result. All you can do is add value. For example, writing a helpful post about leadership.

3. Study Leadership Everyday

One of the best success habits in the world is to read part of a good book every single day. Reading one book per week is probably the most important thing you can do in order to reach success. If you read a book a week then literally nothing can stop you becoming successful. This is because you have the best business minds in the world constantly training you every single day and it just rubs off and you start implementing things in your life. If you read a good book on leadership everyday then in 3 years you will be an expert. When you are an expert you will have all the financial abundance you will ever need. However first you must study.

4. Practice Leadership Everyday

Although studying is very important, it is even more important to practice leadership every single day also. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything. You cannot ride a bike by reading a book alone. You also cannot learn the martial arts or any other skill by watching a DVD alone. It is the same with leadership, you cannot learn leadership by reading alone you must also do. The reason and LM is such a good business to be involved in is because here network marketing business is perfect for developing your leadership skills every day.

5. Intentionally Grow Everyday

One of the biggest differences between successful people and everybody else is that successful people put themselves in uncomfortable situations everyday as they know this is the only way to grow. Unsuccessful people avoid feeling uncomfortable at all costs. You want to surround yourself by people better than you. This is how you learn the fastest. When you’re at the head of the class you know you are in the wrong class. A good growth environment with encouragement is going to help you succeed 10 times faster. Again personal development is one of the biggest benefits to being involved in network marketing. It is the person you are going to become that counts.


The great thing about leadership like anything else is that it can be learned. To become successful in network marketing thing you are going to need to develop your leadership skills. The great thing about that marketing is that you will get a full support system and business partner who will help you grow and become a great leader. If you have any questions or comments about leadership than simply post them below now.

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