Wealthy Affiliate

I had heard about Wealthy Affiliate from a member on an Internet Business forum. I checked it out and was impressed, but I was also nervous at the same time. I had been taken advantage of many times before that so, naturally, I was hesitant. However, I noticed something right away while doing my research.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university which provides training in the best internet marketing programs available out there. The package has been put together by Kyle and Carson and comes equipped with easy-to-use tools and detailed information. The objective of the university is to ensure that you don’t feel the need to compromise in any way, as far as your plans and dreams are concerned.

what is wealthy affiliate ?At first glance, you will feel that the Wealthy Affiliate program caters only to the needs of those who are starting out but if you look hard enough, you will realize that the foundation is strong enough to support even those who have achieved everything and more in the online marketing field and are only looking for some additional help on the side. Naturally, the course gets tougher as one climbs higher but because it is convenient, you will be learning at your own pace and what could be better than that?

The founders have included detailed tips and techniques in areas like SEO or search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, blogging and article writing. The program will tell you how to ensure that your website gets the maximum number of clicks on a daily basis and how to do so without spending a single penny. It will tell you about certain shortcuts that will make your job easier and recommend the use of a combination of tools so as to ensure that your website is not only designed well but also laced with rich content.

The best part about the online university is that it will keep you in touch with the message boards whose members will only be too eager to fix the glitches in your training. Their support will take you a long way and help you reach the finish line that much quicker.

However, before going any further, it is highly advised that everyone first avails of the free Wealthy Affiliate tutorials. These tutorials allow to sample the magic of this online university to a great degree, and furthermore allow to you get the edge over everyone else.

what is wealthy affiliate all about

We have all seen the websites, emails and banner ads talking about affiliate marketing programs. They promise you high rewards, high commissions, bonuses and you are soon lured into the web with these promises. One of the challenges is that once you get into the program you find out really quickly that you are left on your own with a handful of templates and a pile of notes that might as well be printed in Chinese for all the sense they make to you.Here is a Screenshot of Members area of WA.

Wealthy Affiliate program

So you wade through the papers and fortunately you find that small print near the end that tells you that with just an email you can reach their world class support staff if you have any questions or problems and they’ll help you.  Excited you decide to give it a go.  Well, no big surprise – the answer you get back is as Chinese as the directions that you received with your materials.  A review of the website reveals nothing helpful, no real ‘tools’ and few other resources that are of any value to you.

You’re now officially ready to give up on affiliate marketing and go back to something that you understand better (like AdSense). Not so fast – you might have just missed something of value – Wealth Affiliate University (WA). This program delivers what every program promises and doesn’t deliver.

Here are the things that make Wealth Affiliate stand out from other programs;

  1. Credibility and Stability –Things are different at WA. Kyle and Carson (co-owners of this educational system) have “cracked the code”. They are committed to helping you make money online and eliminate the guesswork that is so common. Instead of giving up, they provide encouragement and assistance to ensure that you can succeed.

Unlike the typical affiliate program that comes and goes, Wealthy Affiliate has been around almost a decade. In that time, they have helped people be successful. This is without consideration as to whether people are promoting their own affiliate program, another affiliate program or their own products.

  1. Outstanding Affiliate Support System –One of the things that make the support system at WA so unique is their multi-pronged approach to assistance.  Not only can you get email support, but you can easily get advice and assistance from those who have been successful as affiliates. These veterans are determined to ensure you find the level of success they did.

There is also a “Super Affiliate” program – provides you a wealth of additional resources.  You can find bonus give away items worth upwards of $75, links, link tracking, and link cloaking. Not to mention that if you don’t know how to build a website or simply don’t have the time, they’ll help you with a turn-key system.

Finally, they don’t limit your opportunities. Wealthy Affiliate Hosting is provided with unlimited hosting that’s included in your membership and they have their own site builder that helps you customize your site to be uniquely your own.  The best part of this is that you don’t need to worry about products – you are not limited to only WA products, you’re free to do it for other products or for your own as well.

  1. Potential for Real Profits –There are multiple opportunities presented by Wealth Affiliates. Once you review the site and read the testimonials from real people who have succeeded, you’ll find that it is one of the best affiliate marketing programs on the internet today.

The potential for making $20 to $175 on basic commissions is only enhanced if you decide that you upgrade from a monthly fee to an annual fee, your sales just become higher.

Whether you are looking for specialized books, a targeted training program you will not be disappointed with Wealthy Affiliate. They have the tools you need to succeed.

Wealthy affiliate cost and commissions

Wealthy affiliate provide free membership for those who want to test or learn about WA. Wealthy affiliate premium membership cost $49 per month, however you can get full first month membership for $19. You can easily cover the monthly premium membership cost and make a good income by referring WA to others as they give 50% commission on each referral.

Wealthy Affiliate Truth

The economy is at a very bad state these days, and people are looking for ways to work from home or make additional money online. I used to be one of them. After serving in the military, I was more than positive I would land a job in the government sector because of the numerous amount of training I received during my enlistment. I would think to myself: “I’ve been in the Army 8+ years. How come I can’t get hired?” I wasn’t the only one. There are a lot of us veterans (regardless of branch of service), among other people, that cannot find a job.

I have always wanted to work from my own home. I have to admit that I am very doubtful when it comes to online money making claims. I think a lot of of us are. I have seen some infomercials I thought would be OK, and I’m like “alright let’s see what you guys are about!” So, I would go online to get the scoop on some of these so-called money making gurus. Wow-lawsuits, angry customers, complaints-what have you. I have done so much research trying to find something that is honest, legit, and worth the money. This is when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

Generally, I would search like crazy, and could not find anything worth my time, energy, and money. Even when I was overseas, I heard  ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ a few times from a few officers, but didn’t pay too much attention to it. Once I got back stateside, I started a general search on work at home opportunities. Once I saw the name again, I started to dig a little further. I have read a lot of good reviews on WA, so I have decided to read some more. Again, I have read good and bad reviews, most of the good (note that there are good and bad reviews with everything). SO… I have decided to read over the site to see what Wealthy Affiliate was all about. Let’s just say I enjoyed what I read.

Wealthy Affiliate Truth: WA is NOT a scam

-WA founders, Kyle and Carson, said it best:
“Before you continue on reading we need to agree on something. Building a successful business on the Internet is not a get rich overnight scheme. If it were that easy to make money online, everyone would be doing it making millions of dollars a year from the comfort of their homes. If you are not willing to put in the time to learn the proper Internet Marketing techniques there is no point in even considering Internet marketing as a career or hobby.”

This is solid. I like how they make it clear that you will have to put in work to succeed, just like anything else. Online giants claim you can do little to nothing and make tens of thousands of dollars a night. For some, this may be possible. For the rest of us, we can only hope, wish, or dream. Or…with Wealthy Affiliate, you can make it happen.

-Techniques, Strategies, and Tools
When you sign up for WA, not only will you receive a free ebook, but you will also receive NUMEROUS amounts of tools and training you need to succeed. For some other so called “opportunities”, you would have to pay separate for training and tools, such as web hosting, keyword tools, site building tools, and training videos. When you go to the home page, scroll down towards the end and you will see the price of each tool sold separately and how they add up (go ahead-take a look). With Wealthy Affiliate, this is all included.

-Outstanding Support
Within minutes (I mean MINUTES) after signing up, I was already getting support from WA members. They told me if I had any questions or needed any help, to ask them. I was like “wow, that’s good because I’m gonna need it.” There is a “Get Started” training package for all newbies; this will help you to understand WA, and give you a head start on your internet marketing.

-Success Stories
The success stories were, and still are, my motivation. These people have their own blogs, websites, products, sites to help others, amongst other things. They dissect exactly what they did to succeed and share these tips with everyone.

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

As time went by, I have noticed some things I liked about WA, and some things I didn’t. Here are a few:
-no experience needed
-training and tools are included: again, feel free to browse the site.
-great support not only from the founders, but from other members as well; you have a wide range of techniques to use
-earn money while you learn: there are many free ways to start making money while you learn
-different backgrounds: not everyone in WA has a marketing background. Once you sign up, you will find people in…well, pretty much any field. In my network, I have a composer, a former Sailor, a musician, single parents, a realtor, and others.
-updated information: The website is continuously updated as the internet world is always evolving. Rules are constantly changing, so they make sure to update you on changes.
-more time doing what you want to do
-available outside the US

-no phone support; WA is member-driven; gives you a wider audience when it comes to assistance.
-can be confusing for someone with no experience (which is not needed; that’s why all of the tools and training are there for you with the help of WA members)
-becoming impatient: once you write your first article, or build your first website, people immediately expect money to flow in. This is not always the case. If you want results, it takes time. Some people make sales within hours, some within days. Others, it takes a little longer.
–it’s not free, but you are getting a LOT for the price listed

-Pricing (Dun Dun Duuun!)
If you haven’t already seen it, the price is $39/month, or $359.88 for a year ($29.99/month).

“What the heck?”
“I ain’t paying that kind of money!”
“Man, that’s a car payment!”
“Do you know what I can do with $360?”
“That’s too much money.”

I am cracking up typing these responses because I would say something like these, and I have. I am mentioning the price because I don’t believe in spending time typing this for you to sit there and wonder if you’re going to pay an arm and a leg. Hopefully, my honesty, and the pros and cons I have listed above will help you determine if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you. I could continue to tell you why Wealthy Affiliate would be a good decision for you, but the website will tell you everything I just mentioned plus a lot more. Can you make lots of money if you join? Can you make what you paid for the membership? Of course you can.

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