The Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing

How To Get An “Un-Fair” Advantage in Network Marketing

If you are starting in network marketing and are currently: not making the money you want

It is NOT because you haven’t “found the right product yet”.

It is NOT because the company you are with “isn’t right”.

No… The reason you are not enjoying the wealth and prosperity that you deserve is because of one thing.

You do not yet have the skills required to be successful in business.

Think about it. There are top earners in several of the big companies. So it can’t be about the product & it can’t be the company. The harsh truth is that it is you that needs “fixing”.

The number 1 reason that 95% of people forever struggle in this type of business is simple because they saying the wrong things…to the wrong people…at the wrong time.

Would like to learn how to do it right?

If you would like to get a fast start and side step all the broken dreams then this will be the most important thing you will read today.

From: Nathan Sloan

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Dear friend,

I have been very lucky to have not only studied with the RichDad Coaching company but also with the largest business coaching company in the world.

The single biggest mistake I see people make is this. They try to build a business without the fundamental training in sales and marketing. The result? Lots of unnecessary rejection, failure and pain from doing business.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this.

If you would like to avoid this common trap then this is for you. I have created some very special and specific training to help you get in to the top 5% of people who do succeed.

The only regret you are going to have is that…you didn’t read this sooner.

To your success,

The Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing

 Here is what you will be learning:

  • How to use the Internet to get people calling you…this alone is worth 10x the price of the book
  • Learn the 3 biggest mistakes new network marketers make…and how to safely avoid them
  • Discover a simple mindset technique that will literally “re-program your brain” to let go of the negative thoughts that keep people from becoming successful.
  • Learn the 6 lead generation strategies that will give you more enquiries than you can handle
  • Learn the 7 quick ways to double your conversion rate used by a top business coaching company…meaning…getting more people saying YES! and actually chasing you to get started
  • Learn this ‘one sales technique’ that instantly cut out 90% of the rejection that most other network marketers face every day
  • There are actually 3 ways you can start and own your business. The first step is knowing if you are even building the right kind of business for you. You must sort this out before anything else
  • Learn the “5 biggest myths” of network marketing so you can go in to presentations with 100% confidence and clarity and know that no one will throw you off guard
  • How to come across as an expert on the industry, even if you are just starting out
  • Follow the “3 step financial independence plan” and know that you are always on track to reaching your goals
  • Learn the one simple mindset technique that will take away 95% of the frustration that all other network marketers experience
  • Learn the “exponential power curve” and why it makes the difference between people who are successful and people who will forever struggle
  • Discover the “3 Success Pillars” that are crucial to lasting success. These are deeply rooted in human psychology and are the foundation to becoming successful
  • The simple 5 step system. All the best businesses in the world have a proven system. This one is yours
  • Develop the “6 network marketing key habits” that are critical to begin working on. You will also use these crucial skills on every other part of your life
  • Utilise the same techniques the top franchises use to systemise your business and make it work without you. This is key if you want financial independence…and not just another job!
  •  There are “3 stages” in any network marketing business. Be sure you know where you are and which stage you are moving to
  • Learn the very best in “leadership” passed down by top military officers over many generations
  • Learn “positioning techniques” and other marketing strategies that are the single biggest difference between making millions and mediocrity
  • Learn cutting edge “objection handling techniques” that will give you a bullet proof answer to any sales situation
  • What you need to know about sales that keeps 95% of people stuck not selling anything
  • Learn the “5 time management techniques” used by some of the most successful business people in the world. These are so important, you need to burn them in to your brain
  • Discover the “business athlete training program” that will maximise your energy keeping you refreshed and motivated every single day

Nathan Sloan has been fortunate to have been trained with Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad business coaching program. He then went on to generate over £1,000,000 in sales for his clients in the corporate world. Nathan is now on track to building one of the largest network marketing networks in the UK.

Here’s what others are saying…

“This is the new mandatory reading for my team”

I was a bit sceptical about buying the latest book but I have to say this was really excellent. This is the new “mandatory reading” for my team.

Mark Edwards

“A MUST for anyone looking to become a pro network marketer”

Such a good tool for anyone who is thinking about joining a network marketing company. A great learning guide for anyone who has just started within the network marketing industry. It dispels any myths, makes sure people understand what is necessary for success and is concise and to the point. A must read for anyone looking to become a pro.

Sarah May

“A must read for UK network marketers!”

I have gone through few books written in the subject of Network Marketing and this one is by far one of the best! Easier to follow, a must read for UK Network marketers new and seasoned. Nathan has an in depth knowledge and it’s a eye opener. Highly recommended.

Lal de silva

“Beginner to expert or savvy to extra savvy !!”

What I love about this guide is that it speaks to the people who start from ground zero. It easy to read and understand, and suits every type of network marketer.

And for the more savvy network marketers, its an excellent reinforcement of the absolute fundamentals to be absolutely successful in network marketing. 

If you are a savvy network marketer, you would know that repetition is the mother of skill and understand that you will get nuggets of gold in reading books in your field, even if you think you know it all, you will find gems in this book.

Sarah King

“Great book”

I don’t normally leave reviews but just wanted to say great book. This is exactly what I needed. 5 stars.

Edward Sekula

Best regards,

Nathan Sloan

P.S. I often get told I should be charging double for this training. For this reason, I reserve the right to increase the price or take this down at any time.

P.P.S. The only regret you are going to have is that you didn’t read this sooner!

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